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Sunday, 23 December 2018

Ramechhap : One person has been killed and one injured when a tipper hit.

Ramachap's Tamakoshi village Vada No. 4 The injured have been killed in a clash with Tufer in Kalleri. The death of 48-year-old Manna Tamang of Sota Vada Kotgau has been killed due to the strike of a number of people named Ba 4 B 2425 at 10:45 pm on Sunday. Thirty-five-year-old blood pressure of Kotgou injured in the incident took place for the treatment of Tamang.

According to the District Police Office, Rambhap, the Chabhikar Sheikh court informed that Tifar Akkasi, who was undergoing treatment in Kallavi-Syrians, was undergoing uncontrolled road. The police said that the search of the abscond driver was underway, police said.

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