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Monday, 4 March 2019

Shivaji and Shivaratri 10 Important Questions?

(1) Government that can accommodate tribal people eating cattle.
Why can not the jailers be imprisoned by the Shivaratri and law prohibited by the law, those who used to eat horns and huts?

(2) Cutting away the village of Ganesh, father and father, Shiva, who connects to the village of Haiti ....
How to worship as a god?

(3) Young women ask for blessings to get Shiva's life like Shiva's neck ...
But why do not youngsters ask for Parvati to be like a mountain, like a bird?

(4) Shivrariyat will worship worship of Shiva. .....
 But why does not Parvati's vagina worship?

(5) The government that prohibits heroin performing more and more ...
Why can not she restrict her to those who show gender in Shivaratri?

(6) Why bring thousands of Indian Jogi to Shivaratri by giving millions of rupees ......
Do Nepalese Nepalis have no choice?

(7) Shiva from Ganj Bhang Dhum
What lessons do youngsters learn moral lessons?

(8) Religious feast to celebrate the festival .......
Why is it Shivaratri?

(9) The name of Shivmindir should be named Mandindar of Shiva's Langa ... but why did Pantaparnath keep it? Where is the leg bungalow inside the Pashupatinath Mendir?

(10) What is the main reason for keeping the statue of bullock bull inside Pashupati Mendir?

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