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Monday, 4 March 2019

Who is Rabindar Adhakari ?

In the past or the generation, the retirement minister of tourism, Rabindra Adhikari was a talented young leader of the CPI (Maoist) leader.

Bava Indra Prasad Adhikari and mother Lakshmi Devi officer as the Superintendent of Police B.C., Bharatopakhri Ghazi VDC of Kaski district on 20th August, B. 9 He was born in the Jamunbot. Ravindra Adhikari bagged a vicious relationship with Bhattarai. The student's relationship between the student and the Bhattarai student's love relationship was transformed into a marriage. They have two sons.

The officially elected MP from Kaski-3 was the Chairman of the Development Committee of the Parliament. The officer was the dearest leader of all the Nepali people, who stood up to their personal interests and thought about the country and the people

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